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    Lancaster PA Workers' Compensation Law Blog

    Can I Treat My Workers’ Compensation Injuries Using My Own Doctor?

    When you suffer any kind of injury, your natural response is to seek attention from your physician. After all, that is the professional who knows your health history, and with whom you have established a relationship over the years. But if the injury that you have suffered is a workplace injury and you plan on filing a workers’ compensation claim, then there are certain rules that you need to be aware of and to follow. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney acting as your advocate can help you avoid making mistakes that could keep you from getting the compensation that…

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    What is the Workers’ Compensation Process?

    Work does more than pay the bills and put food on the table. For many of us, the work we do provides real meaning and rewards. When we suffer a serious injury on the job, it not only has a physical impact but can also create uncertainty. This is especially true when the injury requires expensive medical treatment or keeps us from returning to work. If you have suffered an injury in your workplace or have become sickened or developed a condition as a result of your job, then you may be entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation…

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    Should I Settle My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    If you’ve suffered a significant injury in the workplace and have filed a workers’ compensation claim, there’s a good chance that your employer or their insurance company will offer you a specific lump sum of money in exchange for waiving your right to continue receiving weekly benefits or seeking any further compensation in the future. These settlement amounts frequently represent tempting amounts of money in the eyes of a worker who is facing mounting medical bills and uncertainty about their ability to return to work in the future. It is important that you give careful consideration before agreeing to this…

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    Reporting Accidents in the Workplace

    You’ve been hurt at work. Maybe you were involved in a serious and obvious accident. Maybe what happened to you wasn’t as obvious and you have been identified with a repetitive stress injury as a result of your job, or a cumulative occupational disease that was caused by exposure to a toxin in your workplace environment. Whether illness or injury, if it happened at work you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits such as compensation for your medical expenses and any wages you lose as a result. Though workers’ compensation is extended to almost all Pennsylvania workers, as the…

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    Common Injuries that Occur at the Office

    It is sometimes difficult to envision an injury occurring in an office environment. After all, when you picture an office you think of cubicles, office chairs, and copier machines — all things that rarely represent a risk. Still, there are a surprisingly high number of workers’ compensation claims submitted for injuries that occur in these settings. People can slip and fall, they can be victims of office furniture tumbling over or drawers carelessly left open. Chairs can break, individuals can hurt themselves trying to lift heavy objects, and sitting at a desk and typing on a computer for hours at…

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    Loss of Limb and Workers’ Compensation

    In the state of Pennsylvania, when you have suffered an injury or illness at work you are generally entitled to workers’ compensation. This benefit provides reimbursement for medical expenses, as well as a portion of the salary that you lose as a result of having to spend time out of work for recuperation and recovery. In some instances, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act has established very specific compensation amounts based on suffering particular losses. Among these pre-established specific losses, awards are those that have been set aside for the loss of a body part. If you have been injured and…

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    Healthcare Workers and Workers’ Compensation Accidents

    Though many people would assume that people who work in settings such as construction sites or manufacturing facilities are at the highest risk for worksite accidents, the truth is that it is the people who work in the healthcare and social assistance industry that are exposed to the most serious safety and health hazards. Though some of their risks come from illness, there is also a high risk for healthcare workers to be involved in workers’ compensation accidents for which they need to seek benefits. If you are a healthcare worker who has been injured on the job and you…

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    Partial and Permanent Disability Claims

    In the state of Pennsylvania, an employee who suffers a workplace injury is entitled to a number of different benefits from workers’ compensation. Generally speaking, these benefits are broken down into two major categories – medical bills and lost wages. The medical expenses that are covered can include out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits, surgery, hospital expenses, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, and other medications, prostheses, orthopedic devices, physical therapy, and medical supplies. If, in addition to requiring medical care, your injury prevents you from fulfilling your normal job responsibilities or from returning to work, it can also provide a replacement of…

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    Common Workers’ Compensation Concerns

    Workers’ compensation is a form of no-fault insurance that became law in Pennsylvania over 100 years ago. It provides a safety net for workers who are injured on the job while assuring employers that they won’t be vulnerable to personal injury lawsuits. It provides compensation for medical expenses, as well as partial coverage for wages lost while out of work due to the injury, and as such it is an important benefit – yet one that few workers give any thought to until they are injured and actually need it. At Vanasse Law, we are here to help answer any…

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    Farm Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

    When people suffer an injury on the job, they are generally entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim to get reimbursed for their medical expenses and a portion of the wages that they lose if they need to miss work for treatment, recovery, or rehabilitation. Injuries can occur in nearly any kind of work environment, whether an office, a construction site, a retail setting, or elsewhere, but one of the job settings that puts workers most at risk is the farm. No matter what the job title or responsibilities, the potential for injury exists. Farm workers often work with animals…

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