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    Archive for January, 2016

    Industrial Worker Injuries: How Workers Compensation Helps Protect Lancaster, PA Industrial Workers

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania has a vibrant economy supported by diverse industries, including agriculture, manufacturing tourism, and healthcare. The community boasts hundreds of manufacturers and distributors and produces goods as diverse as farm machinery and linoleum, ball bearings, and a wide range of food products. Though the jobs that these businesses represent make valuable contributions to the financial health of the area, they also put local residents at risk of a variety of industrial worker injuries that can be devastating to physical health. If you are a Lancaster, PA industrial worker who has been injured on the job, the workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law is here to help.

    It is mandatory for employers in the state of Pennsylvania to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, and this insurance can come from a state fund, a private carrier, or employers can opt to provide insurance on their own.  There are highly specific rules regarding both compensation and the process of applying for workers’ comp benefits, and it is essential that anybody who has suffered industrial worker injuries or who is sickened on the job follows these rules in order to maximize their ability to collect the benefits that they deserve.  Injured workers have only 21 days to report their injury to their employer, and the following receipt of the report the employer has only ten days to submit a First Report of Injury to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

    Though employees who are determined to be eligible for benefits are able to receive full medical benefits without limits, in order to be deemed eligible they must first see a physician that comes from their employer’s list of approved doctors, if such a list exists. Once the employers’ insurance company reviews a report of injury, they make a decision as to whether or not to pay the claim. If a claim is not denied within 21 days then the worker is supposed to receive a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable Form or an Agreement of Compensation Form. Whichever you receive will need to be filled out and filed with the bureau along with a Statement of Wages Form. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork and investigation that often follows a workers’ compensation claim, even when the compensation is agreed to, and it is essential that all of this documentation is properly completed and filed in a timely way in order to ensure that compensation is received as quickly as possible.

    Even when everything is done correctly, the workers’ compensation process in the state of Pennsylvania can be extremely complex. Having an experienced attorney working on your behalf and representing you will give you the confidence and knowledge that your claim is being handled properly from start to finish. Call the Lancaster Pa law firm of Vanasse Law for help filing your initial claim, collecting all of the documentation you need to support your claim, filing an appeal, and representing you during hearings. We are here to help.

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    White Collar Workers Injuries: Common In-Office Injuries That Can Result in Workers’ Compensation

    When people think about workers’ compensation and the injuries that require applying for these benefits, they generally imagine work setting such as factory floors and construction sites. The truth is that serious work-related injuries can happen in every environment, including offices where white collar workers are employed. Whether an employee is a professional in a supervisory role or a clerical staff member, it is quite common for white collar worker injuries to occur, and as a result they may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you are an employee who has suffered a white collar worker injury and you need legal advice or representation, contact the Lancaster, PA law firm of Vanasse Law to learn more about your rights and how we can help.

    There are a number of ways that an employee can be injured in an office setting. From something as simple as a slip and fall at the office to the development of a repetitive stress injury such as thoracic outlet syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome, any accidental injury, sickness, or death that is a result of something that happens in the scope of your employment may qualify you for workers’ compensation. In the state of Pennsylvania, having your claim approved means that you can receive medical benefits without limitation, as well as replacement of lost wages where appropriate.

    The most common office injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims are a result of slip and fall accidents. They may be the result of unsafe conditions, unattended spills, exposed cords, loose rugs, or cluttered areas. The presence of inclement weather often contributes to the hazards that are present: slippery stairways, icy parking lots, and water accumulation of floors are frequently the cause of injury. Additionally, many injuries are a result of poor workstation ergonomics that can lead to repetitive stress injuries, poor posture, and strains. Other problems that befall white-collar workers include indoor air-quality problems, the negative impact of too much noise, electrical hazards, insufficient lighting or lighting that is too harsh, and acts of violence in the workplace.

    If you work in an office environment and have suffered a workplace injury, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the proper procedures for reporting and responding to those injuries so that you can avail yourself of the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. Though many employees are hesitant about filing a claim, it is important to remember that workers’ compensation is a no-fault system – by seeking benefits you are not blaming your employer for your injury, and you are not holding them liable.

    The Lancaster, PA workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law is familiar with all of the processes and procedures of filing a workers’ compensation claim and will guide you through them in order to make sure that you are able to avail yourself of the benefits you need. Call us today to set up a convenient time for a consultation.

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    Common Industrial Accidents and What You Can Do If You Have Suffered an Injury in Lancaster

    Nobody ever goes out and applies for a job with the hopes that they will suffer an injury or get sick as a result of something that happened at their workplace. Yet workplace injuries happen thousands of times each and every day in the United States, and a surprising number of them are completely preventable. Whether an accident at work is a result of a rare occurrence or among the most common industrial accidents that are seen, when a worker is injured in the course of doing their job, they are entitled to collect workers’ compensation, a type of no-fault insurance provided by employers so that their workers can receive medical benefits and wage replacement where appropriate.  Though some injuries are minor, simply requiring short-term treatment without the need to miss any work at all, others are catastrophic and result in major disabilities or even death. Workers’ compensation can cover both physical and mental health conditions, but in order to get the benefits, the state of Pennsylvania requires that injured employees adhere to a rigorous process of notifying their employer of their injury, seeking medical attention from the employer’s approved physicians, providing documentation and filling out paperwork, and awaiting approval or denial of their claim. If you have suffered one of the common industrial accidents detailed below, or have sustained an injury at work in some other way, it is important that you seek knowledgeable legal counsel in order to make sure that you have completed the process properly. The attorneys at the Lancaster PA workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law can help.

    There are a seemingly limitless number of ways that workplace injuries can occur, but the most common industrial accidents tend to fall into one of the categories below:

    • Slipping and falling, whether on a level surface such as a wet or slippery floor or to a lower level such as what happens when climbing up or downstairs or working on a platform or scaffolding
    • Overexertion injuries occur when an employee is lifting, pushing, or throwing an object.
    • Bodily reaction injuries occur when an employee trips or slips and does not fall, but injures themselves while trying to right themselves.
    • Being struck by an object or against an object. Employees are frequently struck by objects that fall from shelves or higher places, though they can also hurt themselves when they run into objects such as walls, doors, desks, and tables or chairs.
    • Injuries that occur while driving or being transported during a work trip.
    • Compression or pinching injuries frequently occur in factory settings around machinery.
    • Repetitive motion injuries, which can occur as a result of poor ergonomics from an office setup, from working on a factory line, running a cash register, or any other motion where muscles are stressed and strained as a result of repeating the same motion or remaining in the same position for an extended period of time.
    • Assaults and violent acts from other employees or from outsiders.

    If you or someone you love has suffered a workplace injury and needs to talk to a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney, call the lawyers at Vanasse Law.

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    On The Job Injury Lawyer – Helping You Get Workers Compensation When You Have Been Hurt

    When you’ve been hurt on the job, your first thought is probably not to turn to an attorney for help. Your immediate concern is to get your injury treated and make sure that you’re getting the proper medical attention. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are highly specific rules and regulations regarding the correct process to follow in order to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, and if you fail to follow them, you run the risk of losing those benefits. If you have suffered a workplace injury, contact the on-the-job injury lawyers from the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law. Our experience and knowledge will make all the difference in your ability to get the compensation that you deserve for your injury.

    The state of Pennsylvania’s laws makes it mandatory for an employer to carry worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. The coverage may be provided by a private issuance carrier, a state fund, or the employer may choose to supply insurance on their own. Whichever type of insurance the employer elects means that an employee whose claim is accepted is entitled to full medical benefits with no financial limits. However, in order to qualify, upon being injured the employee is required to select the initial physician that sees them from a list of approved doctors provided by the workplace, unless no list has been provided. The process requires that you report your injury to your employer within 21 days, and they then have just ten days to submit a First Report of Injury to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If a death has occurred the employer is required to report the incident to the agency within 48 hours.

    Once your claim has been submitted, your employers’ insurance company is required to either provide you with a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable Form so that you can get benefits or an Agreement of Compensation Form. The paperwork on these forms needs to be filled out and sent to the agency, along with a Statement of Wages Form and a number of other essential documents. This is the best-case scenario. The insurance company may deny your claim for benefits, in which case they must submit the appropriate paperwork within 21 days of the initial report having been filed. If you receive word that your claim has been denied, it is suggested that you seek assistance from an on-the-job injury lawyer to help you with the next steps.

    The on the job injury lawyers at Vanasse Law are dedicated to fighting for the rights of workers who have been sickened or hurt on the job. Whether you have been exposed to a substance that made you ill, have been involved in a workplace injury, or suffer from a repetitive stress injury, you are entitled to compensation. Call our office today to set up an appointment with an on-the-job injury lawyer who truly cares.

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