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    Archive for August, 2022

    9 Common Work Related Accidents & Injuries In Pennsylvania

    Being hurt on the job often leaves workers unable to continue to perform their duties, causing financial strain on top of the physical injury. Fortunately, there is help available to Pennsylvania residents. At Vanasse Law, LLC, a Lancaster job accident lawyer will meet with injured workers and explain the options and benefits available to them. 

    While there are many different accidents and injuries that can cause Pennsylvania workers to miss work, there are some that are more common than others. Our Lancaster job accident lawyer explains 9 common work-related accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania.   

    #1 Strains & Sprains

    Strains and sprains are, unfortunately, very common in the workplace. Use of excessive force, awkward positioning, lifting, pushing, and overreaching are leading causes of these injuries. One of the reasons strains and sprains are a top cause of work-related injuries is because they can occur in a wide variety of work environments, from offices to warehouses and construction sites.   

    Employers should provide training to employees on the proper way to lift and pull when these activities are required for their employment. They should also provide any necessary equipment needed to lift and pull safely. 

    #2 Overexertion

    When the physical demands placed on a worker exceeds their body’s ability to perform that job, overexertion occurs. Moving or lifting heavy objects can cause overexertion, as can working in a hot environment and poor ventilation. Symptoms of these injuries include stiffness, numbness, chronic pain, and swelling. Our Lancaster workers comp lawyer has seen overexertion affect different areas of the body, including the back, neck, and knees. 

    Employers should ensure they are not asking their employees to perform tasks that are too physically taxing for them. They should also provide workers with adequate time to take breaks and rest. 

    #3 Contusions & Bruises

    A contusion is a bruise, and serious contusions can be debilitating. Contusions typically occur in manual labor, and the most serious types of contusions are those that occur to the head. Brain contusions are when there is bleeding on the brain and this can cause a myriad of symptoms and problems. A brain contusion may require surgery, and there can be problems associated with the contusion after the procedure. 

    No matter where the bruise or contusion occurs, it should be reported. Injuries do not always present themselves immediately. 

    #4 Cuts, Lacerations & Punctures

    Cuts that occur in the workplace are typically minimal and can be treated with simple first aid. Lacerations are a more serious type of cut and can require extensive treatment. A deep laceration can injure tendons and ligaments and cause significant bleeding. 

    Punctures, like cuts and lacerations, also penetrate the skin. However, unlike the other two, punctures generally create a much narrower opening on the skin, and the wound goes much deeper. 

    Cuts, lacerations, and punctures can happen in most lines of work, but our Lancaster workers comp lawyer has seen them occur most often in places that use sharp objects, such as construction sites and meatpacking plants. 

    #5 Struck By An Object

    Falling, flying, swinging, and rolling objects are some of the top causes of injuries that our Lancaster job accident lawyer has seen require the collection of workers’ compensation benefits. When objects become loose and strike a person, they can cause a wide variety of injuries, including:

    Common objects involved in these injuries are power tools, pieces of wood and other building materials. 

    #6 Trips, Slips, & Falls

    Trips, slips, and falls can happen in a wide variety of work areas. From kitchen workers slipping on wet floors to a construction worker falling from scaffolding, these types of injuries pervade many different work environments. Injuries caused by these types of accidents can be minor or catastrophic, according to our Lancaster workers comp attorney

    Many of the trips, slips, and falls that occur are completely preventable. Proper training and protective gear go a long way to stopping these accidents. The use of proper flooring as well as simple housekeeping is also very helpful. 

    #7 Moving Machinery

    Moving machinery can cause severe injuries or even death. Workers may be hit by a large machine, or they can be caught in between a machine and a stationary object. Another risk is when a worker has a part of their body caught inside of a machine. 

    Moving machinery accidents are most prevalent in the construction industry. Common causes include:

    • Fatigue of the machinery operator
    • Failure to maintain equipment
    • Failure to use protective gear
    • Inadequate training

    #8 Fires & Explosions

    Fires and explosions in the workplace can cause many different serious injuries and even death. While they may not be a risk at most places of employment, they are a significant risk in some work areas, including:

    • Construction sites
    • Oil and gas sites
    • Chemical plants
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Mining industry work sites

    Injuries caused by fire and explosions are generally catastrophic, and the assistance of a Lancaster job accident lawyer is needed to ensure the injured worker recovers the compensation they are due. 

    #9 Repetitive Stress

    Repetitive stress injuries are those that happen over a period of time due to a worker performing the same motions over and over again. Common symptoms include numbness, tingling, stiffness, and weakness. These types of injuries generally occur in the hands and wrists, and a common example is carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries cause extensive pain and make it difficult for a worker to continue to work as normal. If you are suffering from repetitive stress injuries, it is best to seek the advice of a Lancaster workers comp lawyer.

    Speak With A Lancaster Job Accident Lawyer At Vanasse Law, LLC

    If you have been injured at work in Pennsylvania, you do not have to battle alone for the compensation you deserve. Contact a Lancaster job accident lawyer at Vanasse Law, LLC, to find out how they can help you every step of the way in recovering what you are owed.