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    Archive for September, 2022

    10 Qualities To Consider Before Hiring A Lancaster Workers’ Comp Lawyer

    We know you have choices when it comes to hiring an attorney to help you with your on-the-job injury. Following are ten qualities we believe you should look for in a Lancaster workers’ comp lawyer before deciding whether or not you will hire them. Just remember, at Vanasse Law, LLC, we are proud of our reputation and the work we do and we don’t mind when you compare us to the competition because we know we will stand up to the test.

    #1 Look At Their Experience

    When you are considering a Lancaster workers’ comp lawyer, one of the first things you need to look at is their level of experience. How many cases have they handled? You may be able to find the answer on your own, but it is not a bad idea to straight-out ask about it. It is also a good idea to ask if they have handled cases with injuries and circumstances similar to your own. 

    #2 Reputation: Ask Around Your Community

    Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find out whether or not a certain Lancaster workers comp lawyer is worthy of your case. Simply ask around to friends and family that you trust. If they have a recommendation, find out if they have actually used that attorney. If not, find out if they know someone that has. It is always better to speak to the actual client of the attorney so you can ask specific questions about their experience.

    #3 How Successful They Have Been In The Past

    You will want to find out how successful a workers comp attorney has been in prior cases. If you ask a potential attorney about their success rate and they make it clear they do not want to discuss it, keep in mind it may be because they are not allowed to under their professional rules and regulations. Still, it does not hurt to ask and be clear that you are inquiring about their cases in general, not any one specific case.

    #4 Do They Practice Exclusively In Workers’ Comp

    This is an important quality to look for. Some attorneys just dabble in workers’ compensation while others devote their entire practice to it. Workers’ comp is a niche area of the law and you need counsel that stays on top of what is happening and knows the ins and outs of how it works. It is best to look for a firm that dedicates all its resources to workers’ comp as they are more likely to know the best way to proceed in your case.  

    #5 Inquire As To How They Communicate

    Some lawyers are bad communicators, while others have a system in place to address communication with clients. Ask how an attorney addresses client concerns. For example, you may want to inquire how long it takes to receive a response to a question you have. Also, is there an extra fee for questions asked outside of normal business hours? Will your concerns be addressed by the attorney or their staff? How often can you expect status updates? Asking these questions on the front end helps to ensure that you and your Lancaster workers comp lawyer are on the same page from the get-go.

    #6 Find Out If They Are Local

    Some firms are local to the area they practice in and their attorneys know the people, companies, and industries that make the area special. Other firms are satellite offices of larger firms and they rotate out-of-town attorneys to the local office. Sometimes these firms have one founding attorney that is the spokesperson, but it is rare that you ever actually see this person. 

    Having a Lancaster workers comp lawyer that actually knows your town is something that makes most clients feel more comfortable and understood.

    #7 Gauge Your Comfort Level

    When you meet with a potential attorney, gauge how they make you feel. Are you comfortable around them? It is important that you feel like you can talk to your lawyer and that they care about what you are going through. If you feel like you are a bother or that your case is unimportant to them, you should probably look elsewhere for representation.

    #8 Are They Comfortable In A Courtroom

    Many workers’ comp cases settle outside of the courtroom, but others do not. You need a lawyer that knows when they are being lowballed and is not afraid of going to battle in the courtroom when necessary. Ask an attorney you are considering about their courtroom prowess.

    #9 Are They A Good Negotiator & Do They Know About Settlements

    Many workers comp cases are settled without going to court as it is typically the most cost-effective solution. An attorney needs to be able to effectively argue your case to ensure you receive a maximum settlement amount, and they need to know how to structure your settlement so that your benefits are maximized. For example, if you are receiving, or plan to receive, any type of government benefits, that will need to be considered when your settlement plan is established.  

    #10 Find Out About Their Caseload

    Is the attorney you are considering able to give your case the attention it needs? Or is their plate so full it is likely your case will be brushed aside? These are questions you need answered when you are choosing a Lancaster workers comp lawyer. Ask any potential counsel about their caseload and address your concerns. This is also a good time to find out about their staff and other resources. Does the attorney handle each case exclusively, or do they have staff to assist? There is no wrong answer to this question. It is just a matter of personal preference, but one that should be addressed. 

    A Lancaster Workers’ Comp Lawyer From Vanasse Law, LLC By Your Side

    A Lancaster workers comp lawyer from our firm will ensure you receive maximum compensation for your work-related injury. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.