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    Archive for June, 2022

    10 Reasons Why You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    When you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may feel as if you are at the mercy of your employer as you attempt to recover the compensation you are due. However, you don’t have to be. By retaining a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law, LLC, to assist you with your workers’ compensation claim, you have someone advocating for you and ensuring your rights are protected. Following are 10 specific reasons why you should have a Lanacaster work injury lawyer by your side. 

    #1 The Process is Overwhelming

    You work hard at what you do; you know your job, and you are good at what you do. You are not, however, experienced in workers’ compensation law and the claims process. For someone new to this area of the law, it can be overwhelming. That’s why you need a Lancaster work injury lawyer from Valasse Law, LLC, to assist you with the process. We know how to deal with employers and the insurance company and we handle the process for you, from start to finish. 

    #2 You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

    Many workers’ mistakenly assume that a prior injury means they cannot recover for a new injury, or aggravation of a previous injury, when an accident occurs. The truth is, you may be able to recover for injuries sustained from a new accident, even if you have a pre-existing condition. Obtaining benefits may be a little more complicated, which is why having an attorney on your side is so beneficial. 

    #3 To Ensure All Requirements Are Met

    Everyone that files for workers’ compensation wants the process to be over as soon as possible so they can move forward with their lives. One way to make certain the procedures moves as swiftly as possible is to provide the correct information when the initial claim is made. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer will be sure that your claim contains everything it needs to be successful from the get-go. 

    #4 So You Don’t Leave Money On the Table

    As a novice to workers’ compensation, you likely don’t know what your injury is actually worth. A well-seasoned lawyer will know what you deserve for the injury you sustained, and will ensure that you recover the correct amount. At times like this, you cannot rely on the insurance company to look out for your best interest. While they may seem to be on your side, in reality they are looking for a way to deny, or reduce, the amount you are owed under your claim. 

    #5 A Lancaster Work Injury Lawyer Can Negotiate For You

    Under certain conditions, you may be entitled to a one-time payment for the injuries you sustained. If the bills are piling up, it may be in your best interest to go this route and accept a lump sum payment. To be sure you receive the maximum amount, and do not settle for less than you deserve, a Lancaster work injury lawyer should handle the negotiation process on your behalf. Your lawyer will also ensure the agreement, once reached, is worded correctly to protect your ongoing interests. 

    #6 To Notify You of Other Benefits Available

    As an injured worker, there may be other benefits besides workers’ compensation to which you are entitled. This includes Social Security, unemployment, disability, and government sponsored healthcare. Whether or not you are entitled to additional benefits is a matter your attorney can address with you. Without a lawyer working on your behalf, it is likely you would not be made aware of these benefits. 

    #7 Your Employer May Not Cooperate

    In an ideal world, your employer will agree that you have suffered an injury, report it, and follow through with helping you receive your compensation. Often, however, this is not the case, and the employer fails to report the injury or even denies that the injury occurred. Many employers do this because they feel their worker won’t appeal their decision. When this happens, having a lawyer involved is critical. 

    #8 You Are More Likely To Be Taken Seriously

    Employers and insurance carriers often have teams of attorneys at their disposal, looking out for their interests, including their bottom line. As unfair as it may be, they are much more likely to take you -and your claim- more seriously when you are represented by an attorney. They realize their normal money-saving tactics will not take them far, and that you have a claim they should take seriously. 

    #9 Third-Party Involvement

    When a third-party, such as a vendor your company uses, is involved in your injury, the claims process becomes more complicated and you may need to file a lawsuit against the vendor themselves. The correct steps you need to take to maximize your recovery will be explained to you by your attorney, and if a lawsuit needs to be filed against the third-party, they will help you with that process.

    Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party may be more beneficial to you as you can recover non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, which are not allowed in a workers’ compensation claim. 

    #10 Your Employer Retaliates

    Employers are not legally allowed to retaliate against employees that file workers’ compensation claims. Even so, many do, although they may try to disguise it as something else. If your employer takes retaliatory action against you, you may be entitled to certain damages. Proving the actions of the employer are due to your filing the workers’ compensation claim can be difficult, and the help of an attorney is often required.

    Speak With a Lancaster Work Injury Lawyer at Vanasse Law, LLC

    Don’t try to negotiate your workers’ compensation claim on your own. Instead, retain a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law, LLC, to handle the process for you. Our legal professionals have the experience and knowledge you are looking for in your attorney. We may be reached by calling 717-397-1010 or via our contact page.