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    What is the Time Limit for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Pennsylvania?

    When you go to work each day, you do so with the best of intentions. No matter what your industry or occupation, it’s your goal to get through the day’s projects as best you can. There are things that can get in the way – unexpected roadblocks can take many forms. One of the biggest roadblocks you might encounter is a nagging injury. In a way, hidden or subtle injuries are far more insidious and damaging to you and your employer than an acute injury that comes from an on-site accident. This is because when you are confronted with an emergency situation, the impact of an injury is clear and predictable. In the case of a less visible problem like a back injury or a chronic lung condition, it may take time for you to link the condition to your work, or to make a decision to seek reimbursement through workers’ compensation. Holding off is fine, but you need to make sure that you don’t let so much time go by that you lose your workers’ compensation benefits. You need to keep aware of the time limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania, and to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation law firm.

    The statute of limitations that the state of Pennsylvania has imposed for filing a workers’ compensation claim is three years. This specifically applies to how long you have between the time that you are injured – or become aware of your injury – and the time that you complete and submit a claim petition. Failure to give this paperwork to the appropriate authority will preclude you from getting the compensation that you deserve.

    In addition to the statute of limitations for filing the actual claim, Pennsylvania has prescribed specific time limitations on other aspects of the process. These include:

    • For the first 90 days after you have reported your injury to your employer, you are required to seek your medical treatments from your employer’s list of approved physicians and healthcare providers rather than from your own.
    • You are required to provide your employer with notification of any injury that you have sustained within 120 days of the date of injury or when you become aware of the injury.

    There are certain exceptions to each of these rules, including for those instances where a disease is occupational and takes an extended period of time to begin to manifest symptoms. Another is for those situations where an employer may have provided payments without the benefit of a workers’ compensation order being in place.

    Every individual situation is different and has different requirements, so it is important that you speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that your rights are preserved. The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Vanasse Law are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.