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    Lancaster PA Workers' Compensation Law Blog

    Are Workers’ Compensation Settlements Given Lump-Sum or in Installments?

    When you have been injured at work and file a workers’ compensation claim, there are a few possible resolutions of your case. Your employer may agree to pay the claim without any type of litigation or appeals process, for as long as the need exists. Alternatively, your employer or their insurance company may deny your claim, and this can lead to you filing an appeal. The process of arguing for the validity of your claim and the benefits that you are entitled to can be long and involved, and can end in either a decision made by the workers’ compensation…

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    Common Injuries for Food Service Workers

    Food service workers are found in a wide variety of occupational settings, including restaurants and hotels, coffee shops and bars, hospitals, schools and other institutions where food is either prepared, sold, served or some combination of the three. The job titles can include waiters and waitresses, bus boys, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers and even hosts or hostesses. Each of these jobs has its own responsibilities and place in the food service system and each requires its own level of training and education, yet all are vulnerable to very similar risk for injury. The food service environment exposes its employees to wet…

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    Why a Smaller Firm is the Better Option to Handle Your Workers’ Comp Claim

    If you are considering hiring a law firm to represent you in a workers’ compensation claim against your employer, there are a lot of different options that you need to consider. You want to start by looking for a firm that has a significant amount of experience in labor-oriented lawsuits, as well a record of success in winning the cases that they pursue. You want to find an attorney that you feel understands the damage that has been done to you and is sympathetic to your situation. You want a practice that is convenient for you to get to and…

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    Mistakes to Avoid After a Workplace Injury

    Most employees are covered by workers’ compensation, a no-fault insurance that provides benefits that cover medical expenses and lost wages in exchange for the injured worker not filing a lawsuit against their employer. Though this benefit was originally designed to make the process easier on both the worker and the employee, over the years it has become a situation that can be fraught with animosity as employers or their insurers deny coverage and argue against the extent of the damages that have been suffered. If you have been injured on the job and you are eligible for workers’ compensation, there…

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    Reporting Unsafe Work Conditions

    Workers’ compensation is there to provide for employees who are injured on the job. But what happens when you see an unsafe situation in your work environment and want to take action before you or any of your coworkers get hurt? Many times an employee will become aware of a work hazard and be uncertain as to what steps they should take, especially if they fear repercussions from their boss. The truth is that every employee is entitled to a workplace that is free of safety conditions that could jeopardize their health, and they have a right to report problems…

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    Workers’ Compensation and Job-Related Stress

    There is a lot to be said for engaging in work that fills us with pride and a sense of fulfillment. How often do we hear about lottery winners who insist that they are not going to leave their job because of the sense of purpose that it provides to them.  This type of work environment is what we all hope and strive for, but is unfortunately not what we all have. There are many situations where our jobs fill us with stress and worry, and this can lead to both mental and physical issues. When a physical or psychological…

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    Traveling to Work and Workers’ Compensation

    As an employee, your focus on the job goes far beyond the hours when you are in your work environment. You think about your responsibilities from the time that you start getting ready in the morning and you rehash the day’s skirmishes hours past the time that you leave. But is your employer’s responsibility to you as all-consuming as your focus on them is? Not necessarily. A good example is the issue of traveling to work and workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance policy that your employer provides to pay for any injury or illness that you suffer…

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    Guidelines of Workers’ Compensation

    Whether you’ve only worked for your company for a short period of time or have been with the same employer for dozens of years, you are probably covered by their workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that provides employees that are injured or sickened on the job with a way to be compensated for their medical expenses and lost wages without having to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. It also provides their employer with protection against that type of liability claim. Though the system was designed to decrease animosity, filing a workers’ compensation claim…

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    Animal Attacks on the Job and Workers’ Compensation

    When people think about workers’ compensation and the types of injuries or illnesses that precede filing a claim, they generally think of slip and fall accidents, automobile or heavy equipment accidents, or exposure to toxic or dangerous materials. But employees working in all types of industries are susceptible to an almost unlimited number of injury types, and a surprising number of workers’ compensation claims are filed as a result of animal attacks on the job as well as insect bites. These injuries can be very serious: in the United States there are roughly 800,000 dog bite injuries that require medical…

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    Types of Partial Disabilities for Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance policy that ensures that employees who are injured or made sick on the job receive compensation for their medical care, as well as for the wages that they may lose as a result of their medical condition.  In some cases, an employee’s injury may preclude them from being able to return to their original work responsibilities, but they may be able to take on another role at the same company. When this happens and the wages for the new role are lower than what the employee was originally received, the employee may be eligible…

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