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    Are Medical Expenses Covered in my Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    Medical Expenses and Workers Comp in Lancaster, PA

    The cost of healthcare is one of the biggest issues that Americans face today. Treatment of injuries and illnesses is far more expensive than it ever has been, and many people are forced into severe financial hardship as a result of trying to balance their previously-existing bills and trying to pay for emergent care. When a person is injured on the job and their injuries require professional treatment, there is good reason for them to be concerned about who is going to pay for the medical bills, especially if their injury or illness keeps them from being able to report to work and continue earning wages. Workers’ compensation benefits were created specifically to address these worries. If you have been hurt or sickened on the job and need information on the benefits to which you are entitled, contact the Lancaster workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law today.

    Workers’ compensation is a specialized insurance policy provided by employers to their employees. The benefits provided by workers’ compensation include reimbursement for all medical expenses, as well as compensation for time away from work as a result of the injury or illness. The availability of these benefits can provide injured workers with a real sense of confidence and security, as they provide the promise of not having to shoulder medical bills on their own, and even provides at least a portion of their normal weekly wages. Those who suffer long-term disabilities that keep them from returning to work, or any of a highly specific list of injuries including the loss of a limb or disfigurement are also entitled to additional compensation. The trade-off for being provided with these benefits is that the employee is not able to pursue a personal injury claim against their employer. This can be a positive for both sides, as it avoids a drawn-out and animosity-driven lawsuit in which the employee would need to prove that the employer is at fault and the employer would need to defend themselves. Unfortunately, over the years many employers have lost sight of the trade-off, seeing workers’ compensation benefits as a burden and arguing against having to provide its benefits.

    Getting the workers’ compensation medical benefits that you deserve should be a straightforward and easy process, but that is not always the case. Though some employers will quickly and willingly approve your workers’ compensation claim, others will drag their feet or deny your claim, forcing you to either pay for your expenses on your own or go through a challenging appeals process. If your employer denies your claim, the best way for you to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve is to work with an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney who knows the system and who knows how to ensure that your paperwork is filed correctly and your documentation is presented in a way to support your claim.

    If you need workers’ compensation benefits, contact the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law to learn more about how we can help.