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    Workplace Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania – How A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help You

    We spend roughly one third of our lives at our workplace, so it is important for us to feel as secure and confident in our safety and well being when we are there as we do when we are in our own homes. Unfortunately, workplace accident statistics in Pennsylvania reveal that for many of us, our employment poses serious risks. No matter whether we are working in white collar office environments or in more notoriously risky construction or manufacturing sites, accidents can happen. Though some workplace injuries may amount to nothing more than bumps and bruises from which we can quickly return to work, others require extensive medical intervention, rehabilitation, and time away from the job. Some even result in death. Nearly all workers in Pennsylvania who are injured on the job are entitled to Workers’ Compensation, an insurance program that pays for medical expenses, lost wages and other benefits, regardless of where the fault for the accident lies, but sometimes this compensation can be denied by the insurer or employer. If you have been denied or workers’ compensation does not fully cover your injuries a Workers’ Comp lawyer from Vanasse Law can help.

    Pennsylvania workplace accident statistics can be eye opening, as they shine a light on the extent of injuries suffered as well as under what circumstances they occur. Though many minor injuries — including many of those that require care by a health care provider or treatment in an emergency room setting — are not included in the records collected by the state, employers are required to report injuries and illnesses that result in loss of time beyond a day or shift of occurrence, as well as those that result in death or permanent impairment. Based upon information released by the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation in 2014, workplace fatalities are on the increase, and so are work injuries reported in the state.  Here are just some of the workplace accident statistics for the state in 2014:

    • There were 177,316 work-related injuries or illnesses reported
    • The majority of injuries occurred in occupations relating to trade, transportation and utilities, with a total of 42,496 injuries reported
    • There were 10,855 injuries reported in the construction industry, with 36.8% of those injuries involving sprains or strains

    In addition to information regarding types of workplace injuries and the industries in which they take place, those who are injured should understand that only about one third of workers’ compensation claims are approved, and much of this is a result of the claim being improperly prepared. Having an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney by your side and helping you through the process is the best way to maximize your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. Call Vanasse Law to set up an appointment to discuss your situation and see how we can help.

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