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    Leg, Knee, and Ankle Injuries in the Workplace

    Nobody heads off to work expecting to sustain energy, but workplace injuries happen every day, and they can be life-altering. Leg injuries are extremely common in all types of work environments and are often the result of slipping or tripping, falling from a height, walking into objects, machinery entanglements, and vehicle crashes. The severity of these injuries can vary and can range from bumps and bruises to sprains, from broken bones or torn ligaments to amputations. Whether you have injured your leg, knee, or ankle in the workplace, if your condition requires medical attention or time away from work then you are entitled to seek and receive benefits from workers’ compensation. The Lancaster PA law firm of Vanasse Law LLC has extensive experience in successfully representing those who have been hurt on the job, and we can help you as well.

    Workplace leg injuries can happen to anybody. Though many assume that those who work in construction, in factory and manufacturing settings, or in other dangerous environments are the most likely to get hurt, the truth is that on-the-job accidents happen in all types of settings and to all types of employees. Workers’ compensation is there to provide those who have been injured with a straightforward way to receive compensation for the damage that they have suffered without having to resort to legal action against their employer. It is a no-fault system that attributes no blame: Instead, it is meant to provide a way for injured employees to receive compensation for their medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability payments, and vocational rehabilitation benefits if needed. Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance companies put roadblocks in the way of those seeking these benefits, and that’s where an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help.

    At Vanasse Law LLC , when you seek our help in getting workers’ compensation for your leg, knee, or ankle injury, we do not file a lawsuit against your employer. We assist you in making sure that your claim is well documented and filed correctly and represent you in front of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation judge, as well as the Appeal Board if necessary.  We can also help you to identify whether any third party may have played a role in your injury, and help you in pursuing legal action against those responsible.

    When you suffer an injury to your leg, knee, or ankle, it has a direct impact on many different and important aspects of your life. It affects your ability to move as well as to function, and may directly impact your ability to continue to do your job. Additionally, a leg injury can impact the quality and enjoyment of your life. If you have suffered this type of injury on the job, the first thing you need to do is to focus on getting better and having the compensation that you need to pay for your bills, and ample time to heal is important. At Vanasse Law LLC, we work hard to make sure that your rights are protected and that you have the opportunity to heal. Contact us today to see how we can help.