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    Tips to Avoid Desk Job Injuries at the Workplace

    injuriesAs desk jobs become more popular as a type of occupation, injuries related to such jobs are increasing. It may sound unlikely an injury would incur while sitting behind a desk but sitting all day can have a negative impact on the body, especially considering approximately 80% of workers today work in a role that involves little or no physical activity. Straining the arms or sitting without proper support, along with fast typing, puts workers at a higher risk of injury than most consider.

    Further, desk jobs heighten some risks for repetitive injuries. For instance, someone may develop carpal tunnel or other wrist-related injuries by continually using a keyboard every day, particularly if the keyboard is not ergonomic. While these types of injuries are not always avoidable, particularly when you have a predisposition toward development of certain conditions, there are some tips that can make your work environment much more comfortable.

    Tips for a Pain-Free Desk Job

    If you are beginning to feel the first signs of a work injury, or are concerned about aches and pains you have been feeling, consider the following tips to help take care of yourself at work.

    • Consider where your computer monitor is positioned. Is it straight in front of you or do you find yourself often move your head or bodily position to better view the screen? While turning your head may seem like a small motion, straining your neck each day throughout a full workday can lead to a larger issue down the line.
    • Is your keyboard starting to cause an issue in your wrist? When you type all day, having a flat surface on which to type is imperative. Otherwise, you will find yourself positioning your wrists in such a way that increases the likelihood of injury. If your wrists are often sore, consider a wrist brace or ergonomic keyboard to help give your wrists much needed support.
    • Take a look at the chair you sit in each day. Does it have enough back support? The most important part to have support is the lower back, which is also where many chairs fall flat. There are devices that can be attached to office chairs to give extra support, which could help your body strengthen over time.

    If you already are seeing the signs of a work injury, contact our team today for a free consultation on your claim.