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    Should I Settle My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    workers' compensation claim

    If you’ve suffered a significant injury in the workplace and have filed a workers’ compensation claim, there’s a good chance that your employer or their insurance company will offer you a specific lump sum of money in exchange for waiving your right to continue receiving weekly benefits or seeking any further compensation in the future. These settlement amounts frequently represent tempting amounts of money in the eyes of a worker who is facing mounting medical bills and uncertainty about their ability to return to work in the future. It is important that you give careful consideration before agreeing to this type of settlement, as once you’ve signed off on the agreement there will be no going back. The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law are available to review the terms of the settlement and provide you with valuable advice as to whether the offer you’ve received is fair, or whether you deserve more compensation and should continue to fight for your rights.

    When you meet with a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney from the law firm of Vanasse Law, you will get the benefit of our extensive legal knowledge as well as our experience. We will review the particulars of your injury, the medical treatments that you have already required as well as the long-term expectations for whether your health will improve, whether you will continue to need treatments for an extended period of time, and whether you will be able to return to work. We will also carefully evaluate your financial situation, analyzing whether other sources of income such as Social Security Disability or Medicare will be enough to replace your income should you be permanently disabled. You should never agree to a workers’ compensation lump-sum settlement without this type of careful review by a qualified attorney.

    A workers’ compensation attorney will review the settlement offer made by your employer or their insurance company with very specific issues in mind. They will consider how much money you were making prior to your injury and how long you worked for your employer. They will look at the position that you held, as well as your age, the number of years that you would have expected to earn an income had you not been injured, the exact medical condition that you suffered and what kind of expenses you can expect to incur in the future as you continue to be treated for it.

    The recommendations that we make will be based on your particular situation as well as on the settlements and benefits that constitute the norm for situations that are similar to yours. It is in our extensive experience in negotiating workers’ compensation agreements that you will find our greatest value, as we are committed to ensuring that you receive a fair and reasonable compensation payment, and we know exactly what that should be. To set up an appointment to discuss your case, contact our office today.