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    What Information Does a Lawyer Need After a Work Injury?

    work injuryIf you have been injured at work, it makes sense to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you get the compensation to which you are entitled. However, what should one expect when they decide to call a work injury lawyer? Understanding the information a lawyer needs before making the call can lead to a better consultation and get more out of the typically free service law firms offer to their potential clients.

    Employment Related Information

    The first thing a lawyer will need is your employment information. This includes:

    • The company you were working for when you were injured along with your job title and the length of time employed prior to injury.
    • The state in which the company is located including where you do most of your work and which state in which you were hired.
    • As detailed information as possible on the duties and tasks required to perform the job in which you were hired to determine eligibility for compensation as a Workers’ Compensation claim.

    Information on Wages

    The amount of benefits offered to workers largely depends on the average weekly pay of a worker. Further, the marital status and number of children under the age of 18 can have an impact on a claim award. Have this information ready prior to calling a lawyer for the best idea of how successful your claim will be and what you can expect out of an award.

    Accident or Incident Information

    The accident itself can have an impact on what can be recovered in terms of compensation after an injury. Relevant information includes:

    • All available information about the injury such as where the injury happened, when the injury happened, and the details that led to the injury. For repetitive injuries, this can include when symptoms began and when it began impacting the ability to work.
    • Date in which your employer was notified of the injury along with whether notification was written or orally communicated.
    • Contact information for witnesses of the accident.

    Information on Medical Attention Received

    History of medical treatment has a bearing on how the claim will proceed. This information includes:

    • When and where medical attention was first received.
    • Timeline of medical treatment since the first visit.
    • Contact information for medical providers visited for the work injury.
    • How doctors were chosen for care and how referrals between doctors were handled.
    • Information on an independent medical exam, if applicable.

    Other Information

    Above is the minimal information a person should have on hand when contacting a lawyer. Having correspondence with the employer or insurance company such as if you have received weekly benefits, how medical care was paid for, outstanding medical bills, contact information of any insurance agents spoken to, and any offers that have already been made on the claim are helpful when applicable to the situation. Further, any information from before the accident such as previous injuries and illness or previous Workers’ Compensation or personal injury claims can be helpful.

    The next step is finding the right lawyer for your case. Contact our team today for a free consultation on your claim.