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    Healthcare Workers and Workers’ Compensation Accidents

    healthcare workers and workers' compensation

    Though many people would assume that people who work in settings such as construction sites or manufacturing facilities are at the highest risk for worksite accidents, the truth is that it is the people who work in the healthcare and social assistance industry that are exposed to the most serious safety and health hazards. Though some of their risks come from illness, there is also a high risk for healthcare workers to be involved in workers’ compensation accidents for which they need to seek benefits. If you are a healthcare worker who has been injured on the job and you need assistance in preparing a workers’ compensation claim, or need information on your rights, contact the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law. We have the experience and knowledge that you need.

    The range of accidents that healthcare workers are at risk of experiencing is broad, and much of it depends upon the environment in which they work. Healthcare workers can be found in hospitals and clinics, dental offices and laboratories, emergency medical care offices, nursing homes, and individual patient homes, among other locations. They face exposure to pathogens and biological hazards, chemical and drug exposures, ergonomic hazards from repetitive tasks or lifting heavy objects or patients, and exposure from materials in laboratories or x-ray equipment.

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), hospitals are actually one of the most hazardous places to work, with an average of nearly 60,000 work-related injuries and illnesses in a year. Musculoskeletal injuries are extremely prevalent, and out of all the different types of healthcare workers, it is most commonly seen in nursing aides, attendants, and orderlies who are responsible for lifting, repositioning, and transferring patients who have limited mobility. But in addition to medical staff, healthcare workers include housekeeping, food service employees, building and maintenance staff, and administrative staff. There are unique risks involved in working in healthcare, where employees are generally dedicated to the health and safety of others over their own and may be required to respond to unpredictable events quickly. There is a risk of everything from an accidental needle stick to a violent outburst from a patient.

    Of all the injuries suffered by healthcare workers in workplace accidents, the most common cause is overexertion and bodily reaction. These generally involve lifting, bending, or reaching. Second to those injuries are sprains and strains, which ended up resulting in the highest dollar workers’ compensation claims. Others include fractures, trauma, and cuts and punctures.

    If you are a healthcare worker who has been injured on the job and you believe that you are entitled to workers’ compensation, the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law can help. We have extensive experience in helping successfully apply for and win workers’ compensation benefits, and we are ready to provide you with the assistance that you need.