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    Do I Lose My Workers’ Comp If I’m Laid Off?

    If you’re on workers’ comp, you’re already feeling the stress of providing for your family, are likely in some amount of pain, and possibly having trouble merely making it to all of your medical appointments. On top of this, you may be concerned about your company, as thousands of businesses are cutting back or simply going under. What happens to your workers’ comp if your business files for bankruptcy or simply shuts its doors?

    If you have been injured on the job in Pennsylvania, and you fear for your company’s long-term viability, let a Lancaster workers comp lawyer help you through this difficult time.

    Workers’ Comp After a Layoff

    In some cases, your company may seek to cut costs by laying off employees. If you are not working because of a workplace injury, you are not immune from layoffs, but your benefits should not change. Even if you have returned to work on restrictions, your benefits should remain the same. If you continue to receive workers’ comp benefits after you have returned to work, the workers’ comp company must continue to pay reasonable and necessary medical expenses after a layoff.

    Workers’ Comp and Bankruptcy

    Your workers’ comp benefits will not necessarily end if your company files for bankruptcy. In many cases, companies enter into what is known as Chapter 11 bankruptcy, during which their debts are reorganized, but the company can remain operational. 

    Even if the company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, during which all assets are liquidated and the company effectively closes, your worker’s comp benefits may not be affected. Workers’ comp payments are generally paid by an insurance company, so as long as your employer stayed current on their payments, you will continue to receive benefits.

    Workers’ Comp if You’re Fired

    In Pennsylvania, it is unlawful for an employer to fire you in response to a workers’ comp claim. However, an employer can fire you if you have a disability that will keep you out of work for an extended period or, having reached MMI, you will never be able to return to your current position, and they do not have another job for you. Even if you are fired for cause, such as repeated tardiness or other policy violations, it is still possible you will be able to collect workers’ comp for your injury.

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    The rules surrounding workers’ comp in Pennsylvania can be complicated, especially when the company is making significant changes such as bankruptcy. A Lancaster workers comp lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC understands workers’ comp law in Pennsylvania and can help you examine your options and file any workers’ comp or legal claims on your behalf. 

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