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    How a Lawyer Can Help You Receive the Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits You Deserve

    Nobody goes to work anticipating being injured on the job, but accidents in the workplace are an unfortunate fact of life, no matter what industry you work in.  If you have been injured in a work place accident or have been diagnosed with an illness that was caused by your job, then your employer and/or their workers’ compensation insurance company is obligated to provide you with compensation for your loss of earnings and payment of your work-related medical expenses.  If your insurance company is refusing to pay for your work-related medical expenses you should consult with an experienced, certified workers’ compensation attorney from Vanasse Law in Lancaster County, PA.

    The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides that an employer/insurance company is responsible for payment of work-related medical expenses, as long as those expenses are deemed reasonable and necessary for treatment of the work-related injury.  Your employer/insurance company can be responsible for payment of the medical expenses even if you do not experience a loss of earnings as a result of your work-related injury.

    Additionally, your employer/insurance company cannot unilaterally stop paying medical benefits on your behalf once a claim has been accepted.  An employer/insurance company can only stop payment of the medical expenses if you have agreed to settle your claim, a Workers’ Compensation Judge orders that they are no longer responsible or they have successfully filed a Utilization Review (UR), which determines that the treatment is no longer reasonable and necessary.  If you have an accepted claim and the employer/insurance company have been paying for your medical benefits but have now stopped then you should immediately consult with a certified workers’ compensation attorney from Vanasse Law to make sure that your rights are being protected.  If the insurance company wants to settle your workers’ compensation claim, is litigating to try and stop the claim has filed Utilization Reviews which have stopped the payment of medical expenses then you should consult with a certified workers’ compensation attorney from Vanasse Law as soon as possible to make sure that your rights are fully and completely protected.

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