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    Fact or Fiction: Important Information on Workers’ Compensation, Part Two

    workers compensationWading through the waters of Workers’ Compensation can lead to a lot of confusion and misinformation. By understanding ahead of time the common myths and the real truth behind them, workers can better advocate on their own behalf when it comes to filing for benefits. In the last post, we covered two myths and one truth, continuing with other common misconceptions below.

    Fiction: Technology Will Solve All Problems

    While technology has certainly helped the claim process and made it simpler, it won’t solve everything. The advances that have been made in recent years have worked wonders in making things operate smoother and creating a faster and more efficient way to file claims. However, there are now too many companies that put their focus on decisions based on technology selection rather than looking at the end result.

    Having foresight is not something technology can accommodate. Instead, technology should be used for identifying what needs to be accomplished and tracking solutions. However, technology should not be relied on for creating goals and individualization of solutions.

    Fact: Private Sector Case Management Practice Work, even in FECA

    Many believe that due to the differences between state Workers’ Compensation systems and FECA, the best practices associated with private sector case management won’t work as well. Evidence, however, suggests that the best practices work in both, despite the often-cited differences such as federal agencies’ inability to choose a third-party administrator, no settlements, 45 days of continuation of regular pay, a lack of a system for routine utilization review, free choice in the treatment provider, and the limited clinical resources.

    However, the best practices include agency-directed case management over the phone, intervention at an early time, a focused approach to case management, initiatives for stay-at-work and return-to-work initiatives, and trend analysis for metrics and audits. These practices can be applied to both FECA and private sector case management as they address many of the same issues they both have.

    The best course of action when it comes to Workers’ Compensation claims is to find the right legal counsel. At Vanasse Law, we understand the Workers’ Compensation process in Pennsylvania and will put our experience to work for your claim’s success. Contact us today to find out more.