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    Fact or Fiction: Important Information on Workers’ Compensation, Part One

    workers' compensation disabilityUnderstanding the system in the benefits being part of the workforce makes available shouldn’t require a law degree. There is a lot of misinformation about Workers’ Compensation benefits out there, which leads to many injured workers not filing for benefits when they should. By separating fact from fiction, it is much easier to navigate through the myths that surround Workers’ Compensation.

    Fiction: The Best Bet in Workers’ Compensation is Using Large Networks

    The price might be right, but large discount networks can be unsustainable. There has been a plateau, for the most part, in which these networks can control medical costs. Having a layered approach to coverage is a better way to see what is being spent and where. Every employee is unique, so every company won’t need the same one-size-fits-all approach. While that approach can work well with vehicles, human beings don’t all face the same dangers that cars do. Instead, we all have different occupations and are at risk for different injuries. While each car drives on the road, risking collisions, there is a major difference in the occupational diseases that may befall a desk worker compared to a miner.

    Fact: Employers Have a Continued Role, Even After a Claim is Paid

    In fact, it is after the claim is paid that an employer plays the most pivotal role. The employer must make regular contact with the employee to stay abreast of the changes in the healing process which can help inform the approach to the employee’s return to work. While 86% of companies have a return to work program, very few have finessed a program that helps workers slowly return to work based on where they are in their recovery. By maintaining regular contact, it is much easier to know when the right time is to reintroduce them slowly into the workplace.

    Fiction: Claims Get Better Over Time

    In most cases, they can actually become more complex. Many adjusters assume that the person will go through a healing process, leading to fewer and fewer expenses until the bills end. But this is more often false than true. In the past decade, medical costs have inflated by 48% which means the same medical treatments will increase in cost, even if the treatment doesn’t change. In some cases due to inflation, someone could receive less care and cost more down the line. Further, the longer someone is out of work, the more likely it is that they won’t return.

    Getting the most out of your claim can come down to having the right legal counsel on your side. Contact our team at Vanasse Law today to find out how we can help guide you through the Workers’ Compensation process.