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    Difference Between Scheduled and Unscheduled Permanent Work Injuries

    permanent work injuriesWhen you get a permanent work injury on the job, the category the injury falls under is likely the last thing on your mind. However, understanding the key differences between scheduled and unscheduled work injuries can help you understand how to better apply for benefits and understand why you received or didn’t receive certain benefits. The two have one major component in common: they are both permanent injuries. However, there are very important key differences in the type of injury, as they each cover a different section of permanent injuries.

    Depending on the injury, permanent injuries can be full or partial, leading to a lifetime of impairment that keeps workers out of the workforce or a change to position and duties. Workers’ Compensation breaks permanent injuries into two categories to better understand what type of permanent injury has occurred and what benefits are available.

    Scheduled Injuries

    Permanent work injuries that involve a part of the body are considered scheduled injuries and include injuries to eyes, arms, hands, feet, ears, or legs. With this type of work injury, there is a set amount of time in which compensation can be collected as per state law, legal precedent and insurance company policies that are preset. After a percentage of disability is determined by the physician, there is a formula that is used that will calculate benefits for your permanent disability which pays out awards over a predetermined number of months that is shown in the formula.

    After this amount has been delved out, benefits end. This is where being prudent comes in handy. Often, there will be miscalculations that are common but they are often in favor of the insurance company. Also, be sure to find out if you are eligible for vocational training that can help with a career after recovery.

    Unscheduled Injuries

    This type of injury often describes the more “general” types of disabilities such as occupational diseases, hip injuries, shoulder injuries, and two scheduled injuries. Those who have filed for Workers’ Compensation are usually eligible, even when the claim for Workers’ Compensation was filed in a different state. With an unscheduled injury reward, benefits tend to be based on the reduction in the ability to earn rather than strictly the percentage of a disability. This can be tricky for those filing as it can be possible to be denied the award even if you have a disability.

    Regardless of the type of injury, having the right legal counsel is essential in reaping the rewards you deserve. Contact us at Vanasse Law today to find out more.