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    About Workplace-Related Mental Injuries

    Although the Workers’ Compensation Act language indicates that psychological or mental work injuries are compensable, different states interpret the language differently — some more strictly than others. In the strict interpretation states, mental injuries like stress and anxiety are not compensated for. However, Pennsylvania is more progressive than many other states regarding mental injury claims. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry describes when and what type of mental injuries are compensable under Pennsylvania’s workers’ comp laws.

    If you have suffered a mental injury on the job in Pennsylvania, let a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC help you recover your rightful financial compensation.

    Mental Injury Claims in Pennsylvania

    If you have suffered a work-related mental injury in Pennsylvania, your claim will likely be categorized as follows: 

    • Physical-Mental Injury: A mental injury that is a result of a physical event is known as a physical-mental injury. For example, if you have suffered a work-related injury caused by using a particular piece of machinery, using that machinery again may create anxiety or fear to the extent that you cannot effectively do your job.
    • Mental-Physical Injury: Mental distress or anxiety can also result in physical injuries. For example, If there is an aspect of your job that is so important that failure to perform it would result in termination, the resulting anxiety and stress may affect you physically in the form of, for example, severe or migraine headaches, ulcers, or even heart attacks.
    • Mental-Mental Injury: Pennsylvania is one of the more progressive states that recognizes mental-mental injuries for worker’s compensation purposes. A mental-mental injury is an injury that develops due to some psychological trauma experienced in the workplace. For example, say the market where you work was robbed or there was a shooting incident or an explosion that occurred at your workplace. These types of incidents can cause serious anxiety or depression, especially if you feel that your life has been endangered.

    Who Can Claim Mental Injury in Pennsylvania?

    In Pennsylvania, any individual or business employing more than one person is required to participate in the Pennsylvania workers’ comp system. So, most workers are eligible for mental injury claims.

    However, unless there is a physical injury that directly causes a mental injury, injured workers may be required to prove that the mental injury resulted from an “abnormal” working condition. This may be difficult to prove, and you’ll need the help of a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC to maximize your chances of recovering compensation in these types of difficult situations. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of mental illnesses may be hard to detect, but their effect on workers can be just as serious as physical injuries.

    Let a Lancaster Work Injury Lawyer Help With Your Mental Injury Claim in Pennsylvania

    Mental injuries can be every bit as serious as physical injuries. Nonetheless, they can be problematic if workers’ comp claims for these injuries are challenged. If you’ve suffered any type of mental injury at work, contact a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC for a same-day response.