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Five Workers’ Compensation Issues That Benefit From Legal Representation

Not all workplace injuries are life-changing events. Even those that require medical attention are often minor enough to require minimal doctor visits and maybe a few days away from work.  While simple injuries do not typically require legal support, more serious injuries can add complexities to a claim.

To help ensure that injured workers or their families obtain the benefits due to them, it is important to recognize situations that commonly signal the need for representation by a Lancaster workers’ compensation attorney.

Learn to Recognize the First Signs That Claims May Go Wrong

No one suffering from injury or illness should have to face additional stress caused by claim issues. The following are common indicators legal help may be advisable:

  • Unfair denial or reduction of claims: Short of injuries that are caused by employee intoxication or certain willful acts, PA workers’ compensation should pay for expenses related to workplace injuries. Claims denied based on the circumstances behind the injuries often merit further appeal. All too often, employers and insurers attempt to deny or reduce valid claims in the hopes that injured employees will take an unfair “no” for an answer. Knowledgeable legal representation can help level the playing field.
  • Delays in receipt of benefits: Pennsylvania law contains specific rules pertaining to the timing of benefit payments — and it also frowns on undue delays in the review of a claim that might prevent an injured worker from receiving timely benefits. Any type of payment or processing delay generally signals issues that can benefit from quick legal representation.
  • The employer expects a return to work too soon: As a general rule, employers should not expect injured employees to return to work until their conditions allow them to perform all duties. While employers might offer light or part-time duty jobs prior to full recovery, they can only do so only when those duties do not exceed employees’ capacity to perform them. When workers believe they’re not ready to return, they should seek legal advice from a knowledgeable Lancaster workers’ compensation attorney.
  • Signs of employer retaliation: A seemingly-undeserved demotion, pay cut, termination or other discriminatory acts after filing a workers’ compensation claim may signal employer retaliation and require immediate examination by an experienced attorney.
  • The potential for third-party claims: Sometimes injured workers may have the right to pursue compensation from an outside third party. This might be the case, for example, when a worker sustains injury from an exposed live wire due to mishandling by an outside electrician. Most workers’ compensation attorneys can help injured employees pursue these outside claims while helping ensure that they also receive all workers’ compensation benefits allowed by law.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claims are not Always Straightforward – Contact a Lancaster Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Even when minor cuts and contusions sustained on the job require a trip to the doctor, filing workers’ compensation claims is a relatively minor effort. That said, many issues can come up that make the process seem as complex as the field of medicine itself.

Victims of workplace injuries have the right to expect timely medical treatment and payment of all valid expenses without incurring out-of-pocket costs. However, they might need to enlist advice and support from an experienced Lancaster workers’ compensation attorney to protect those rights. Since it costs nothing to seek an initial consultation, injured workers can afford to err on the side of caution and contact a lawyer at the first sign of concerns about a claim.