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Archive for the ‘Workplace Injuries’ Category

White Collar Workers Injuries: Common In-Office Injuries That Can Result in Workers’ Compensation

When people think about workers’ compensation and the injuries that require applying for these benefits, they generally imagine work setting such as factory floors and construction sites. The truth is that serious work-related injuries can happen in every environment, including offices where white collar workers are employed. Whether an employee is a professional in a supervisory role or a clerical staff member, it is quite common for white collar worker injuries to occur, and as a result they may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you are an employee who has suffered a white collar worker injury and you need legal advice or representation, contact the Lancaster, PA law firm of Vanasse Law to learn more about your rights and how we can help.

There are a number of ways that an employee can be injured in an office setting. From something as simple as a slip and fall at the office to the development of a repetitive stress injury such as thoracic outlet syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome, any accidental injury, sickness or death that is a result of something that happens in the scope of your employment may qualify you for workers’ compensation. In the state of Pennsylvania, having your claim approved means that you can receive medical benefits without limitation, as well as replacement of lost wages where appropriate.

The most common office injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims are a result of slip and fall accidents. The may be the result of unsafe conditions, unattended spills, exposed cord, loose rugs, or cluttered areas. The presence of inclement weather often contributes to the hazards that are present: slippery stairways, icy parking lots and water accumulation of floors are frequently the cause of injury. Additionally, many injuries are a result of poor workstation ergonomics that can lead to repetitive stress injuries, poor posture, and strains. Other problems that befall white collar workers include indoor air-quality problems, the negative impact of too much noise, electrical hazards, insufficient lighting or lighting that is too harsh, and acts of violence in the workplace.

If you work in an office environment and have suffered a workplace injury, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the proper procedures for reporting and responding to those injuries so that you can avail yourself of the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. Though many employees are hesitant about filing a claim, it is important to remember that workers’ compensation is a no fault system – by seeking benefits you are not blaming your employer for your injury, and you are not holding them liable.

The Lancaster, PA workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law is familiar with all of the processes and procedures of filing a workers’ compensation claim, and will guide you through them in order to make sure that you are able to avail yourself of the benefits you need. Call us today to set up a convenient time for a consultation.

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On The Job Injury Lawyer – Helping You Get Workers Compensation When You Have Been Hurt

When you’ve been hurt on the job, your first thought is probably not to turn to an attorney for help. Your immediate concern is to get your injury treated and make sure that you’re getting the proper medical attention. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are highly specific rules and regulations regarding the correct process to follow in order to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, and if you fail to follow them, you run the risk of losing those benefits. If you have suffered a workplace injury, contact the on the job injury lawyers from the Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law. Our experience and knowledge will make all the difference in your ability to get the compensation that you deserve for your injury.

The state of Pennsylvania’s laws make it mandatory for an employer to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees. The coverage may be provided by a private issuance carrier, a state fund, or the employer may choose to supply insurance on their own. Whichever type of insurance the employer elects means that an employee whose claim is accepted is entitled to full medical benefits with no financial limits. However, in order to qualify, upon being injured the employee is required to select the initial physician that sees them from a list of approved doctors provided by the workplace, unless no list has been provided. The process requires that you report your injury to your employer within 21 days, and they then have just ten days to submit a First Report of Injury to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If a death has occurred the employer is required to report the incident to the agency within 48 hours.

Once your claim has been submitted, your employers’ insurance company is required to either provide you with a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable Form so that you can get benefits, or an Agreement of Compensation Form. The paperwork on these forms need to be filled out and sent to the agency, along with a Statement of Wages Form and a number of other essential documents. This is the best case scenario. The insurance company may deny your claim for benefits, in which case they must submit the appropriate paperwork within 21 days of the initial report having been filed. If you receive word that your claim has been denied, it is suggested that you seek assistance from an on the job injury lawyer to help you with next steps.

The on the job injury lawyers at Vanasse Law are dedicated to fighting for the rights of workers who have been sickened or hurt on the job. Whether you have been exposed to a substance that made you ill, have been involved in a workplace injury or suffer from a repetitive stress injury, you are entitled to compensation. Call our office today to set up an appointment with an on the job injury lawyer who truly cares.

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Types of Workplace Accidents – How A Lancaster Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help If You Have Been Hurt

When people plan their career, they focus on the job that they will be doing, what they will accomplish and how much money they will make. Few outside of the most dangerous professions give thought to the possibility of whether they will be injured on the job. Yet workplace accidents happen every day, and the injuries sustained in these incidents can range from minor bumps and bruises to traumatic injuries, and even death. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, then you have certain rights, including may include compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, or long term disability. Contact Vanasse Law and let our Lancaster Workers’ Comp Attorney explain how we can help.

There are many different types of workplace accidents. These are the most common:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: These can be a result of anything from a dangerously slippery surface to debris that is carelessly left in a workers’ path.
  • Falls: Falls from ladders, scaffolding, platforms and stairwells are extremely common, and can result in serious injury.
  • Burns: Burns can result from working with dangerous chemicals, high-temperature equipment, welding torches and kitchen areas, among others.
  • Back and Neck Strains: These are often a result of jobs that involve heavy lifting.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries: Any repetitive motion or ergonomically incorrect position held for an extended period of time can result in a wearing down and inflammation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: These can be a result of many different types of incidents, including working with sharp equipment, falls, broken glass, and more.
  • Hearing Loss: Hearing is one of our most vital senses, and is unfortunately vulnerable to settings where loud noise is a constant. Hearing loss can be gradual or sudden.
  • Crash/Impact Injuries: Many jobs require driving or riding in vehicles such as cars or trucks. Whether a delivery truck, a tractor, a crane or any other form of transportation, the impact of being in an accident can be deadly.
  • Falling Objects: Many work environments leave workers vulnerable to items falling from on high. Whether objects fall from a scaffolding or platform at a construction site or from a shelf in a retail environment, being struck in the head by a falling object leaves employees at risk for traumatic brain injury, concussion, and other injuries.
  • Toxic Exposure: Many workplace environments expose employees to fumes and reactions from toxic chemicals. These can affect the lungs, the eyes, the skin, and other internal organs.

In all of these examples and many more, the employer has a duty of care to their employee, either to provide them with appropriate training or protective gear. The Lancaster workers’ compensation attorneys at Vanasse Law can help you file a workers’ compensation claim to get the benefits that you need, as well as review the circumstances of your workplace accident to determine whether others may be held responsible for your injuries. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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Heart Attacks On The Job – Can I Get Workers Compensation for a Heart Attack?

Workers’ compensation is designed to provide benefits for employees who are either injured on the job or who become sick on the job. There is no requirement that some kind of accident or catalyst precedes the injury, and there is no requirement to prove negligence. Though some claims, such as those caused by a repetitive physical motion, are considered to be fairly straightforward, other injuries – including heart attacks –  may be more difficult to prove. Though some states place a high burden of proof on heart attack workers’ compensation claims, the state of Pennsylvania has established straightforward criteria for whether an employee whose heart attack occurred on the job is eligible for workers’ compensation. The attorneys at Vanasse Law have extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania law and how best to prepare a workers’ compensation claim for a work-related heart attack. Call us today to discuss your case.

There are many circumstances that can lead to a heart attack on the job. Some work puts employees under great physical stress, while others cause mental and emotional stress. A worker can appear to be healthy and then suffer a heart attack after receiving news that they have been poorly reviewed or that they did not receive a promotion that they had worked towards and counted on. Though there was a time that workers were required to show that a work-related heart attack was the result of their job requiring a significant level of physical exertion, things have changed. The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has indicated that when a purely physical injury occurs following a stressful situation or interaction at work, it can qualify as a work-related injury. What is required is that the worker provides proof that they suffered the injury, as well as that it occurred in relation to and during the course of their work. If, in submitting the claim, the employee provides a medical opinion that indicates that the heart attack was a result of work-related stress — whether physical, mental or emotional — then that is proof enough to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

When an employee suffers a heart attack on the job, they are faced with enormous medical bills and the loss of wages necessitated by their treatment and recovery. Under the best of circumstances, they will require rehabilitation, and under the worst their heart attack may result in death, leaving their family without their companionship and financial support. Though those who have been impacted by a workplace heart attack may be hesitant about filing a workers’ compensation claim indicating that the attack was work related, the Lancaster workers’ compensation law firm of Vanasse Law has the experience and knowledge that you need to navigate the challenges ahead and to help you get the benefits that you need and deserve. Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case. We are here to help.

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Reporting Accidents in The Workplace – The Best Practices Should You Ever Need Legal Action

No matter what kind of environment you work in, injuries can occur. Workplace accidents are an all too common occurrence, and depending upon the circumstances there may be perfectly good reasons for not immediately reporting the incident to your supervisor. But reporting a workplace accident is an essential part of the process of filing a successful workers’ compensation claim, and failure to do so may jeopardize your eligibility to receive the benefits that you need and deserve. The Lancaster law firm of Vanasse Law is dedicated to helping those injured in workplace accidents to navigate the claims and appeals process. For experienced legal help, call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

There are a number of reasons why an employee might not report a workplace accident right away. Many decide not to mention an accident initially because they hope that the injury won’t impede their ability to work – they hope that after a few hours of rest and perhaps a couple of anti-inflammatories, they’ll quickly recover. If the accident was their own fault they may not even realize that they are entitled to workers’ compensation, as many don’t know that this essential benefit is available regardless of who is to blame for the injury. In some cases, an accident is so severe immediately after it happens that there is no time to file an official report. Whatever the reason, those who don’t report workplace accidents and then find themselves in need of compensation for medical expenses or lost wages may learn that their failure to meet this basic requirement results in a much more arduous road to compensation, and perhaps even to failure.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, injured employees are supposed to report the incident in which they were injured immediately. In the best case, accidents are supposed to be reported to the employer within 21 days, but the rules permit employees up to 120 days delay in reporting the accident to their employer in certain circumstances. Failure to do so puts the injured worker at risk of being denied benefits that they would otherwise have received. Reports of accidents should include all of the essential information, including the date and how it happened. Upon receipt of the accident report, the employer is then required to file a report with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Once an employee completes reporting their workplace accident, the prescribed protocol generally includes the employer providing them with a list of approved physicians who have been specifically designated to treat workplace injuries. These doctors are familiar with the workers’ compensation process, and provide appropriate treatment for a minimum of 90 days following the first meeting with the employee. Later, employers are able to request that employees seek help from specific physicians that they have selected.

If you have questions about the workers’ compensation process or need help in reporting a workplace accident, the attorneys of Vanasse Law can help. We are committed to helping injured employees get the compensation that they deserve, and we’ll work hard on your behalf.

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