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    Lancaster PA Workers' Compensation Law Blog

    Employer Responsibilities for Workers’ Comp in Pennsylvania

    In Pennsylvania, like most states, most non-exempt employers are required to provide workers’ comp coverage for their workers so that in the event of a work-related injury or illness, the employees can recover medical expenses, lost wages, and disability. To meet this requirement, employers may either purchase workers’ comp insurance or obtain approval to self-insure. Nonetheless, the system works only if everyone does what they’re supposed to do. If the employer fails to hold up its end of the bargain, a worker may find himself unable to recover from Pennsylvania workplace injuries. This breaks the relationship between employee and employer,…

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    Third-Party Claims After a Work Accident

    Workers’ comp in Pennsylvania, like most states, is a double-edged sword. The good news is that if you’re hurt on the job, you don’t have to show negligence or any type of fault by the employer. If you are hurt at work, you receive the benefits. The bad news is that your compensation is strictly limited to your workers’ comp benefits; in other words, the workers’ comp benefits are your exclusive remedy. This is known as the “Exclusive Remedy Rule.” This is problematic for injured workers because workers’ comp only pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability. Yet, a…

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    PTSD After a Work Accident

    According to the National Library of Medicine’sNational Center for Biotechnology Information, there is a “substantial overlap between chronic pain and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in individuals who sustain accidental injury.” In subsequent studies, “[m]ost participants reported chronic pain and all were receiving workers compensation. Results indicated that 34.7% and 18.2% of the sample reported symptoms consistent with PTSD and partial PTSD.” More simply speaking, evidence shows that work-related injuries can cause chronic pain, which leads to PTSD. An increasing number of states are passing new laws, rules, and regulations that allow the general workforce to receive workers’ comp benefits…

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    Work-Related Injuries: Exercises for Back Pain Relief

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of more than 1 million workers, back injuries account for nearly 20 percent of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Only the common cold accounts for more lost days of work. The leading causes of work-related back injuries include exerting too much force on your back, repetition of certain movements, especially those that involve twisting or rotating your spine, and inactivity.  Safe lifting and load-carrying techniques are essential to preventing back injuries in the workplace. Unfortunately, most workers do not consistently use these back safety techniques, placing themselves at significant risk. Back…

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    Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

    Workplace injuries are far too common, considering how preventable most of them are. Throughout the day, some workers think about things that have nothing to do with work, such as what they’re doing after work, how many hours they have left to work that day, their weekend plans, or, quite commonly, how they’re not getting paid enough in this economy. But that’s just human nature. If you have been injured or suffered illness on the job in Pennsylvania, let the Lancaster hurt at work lawyers at Vanasse Law LLC help you recover what you’re entitled to under Pennsylvania workers’ comp…

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    About Workplace-Related Mental Injuries

    Although the Workers’ Compensation Act language indicates that psychological or mental work injuries are compensable, different states interpret the language differently — some more strictly than others. In the strict interpretation states, mental injuries like stress and anxiety are not compensated for. However, Pennsylvania is more progressive than many other states regarding mental injury claims. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry describes when and what type of mental injuries are compensable under Pennsylvania’s workers’ comp laws. If you have suffered a mental injury on the job in Pennsylvania, let a Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC help…

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    Will Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Offer Me a Settlement?

    In Pennsylvania, if you have been injured on the job or suffered an illness due to your job, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. At some point, the workers’ comp insurance company will likely approach you about a settlement. Sometimes, a settlement is in your best interest. You may want to accept a fair lump sum to avoid the time and nuisance of the workers’ comp process. However, before you settle your claim, you should understand what rights you are giving up. If you have been injured or suffered illness on the job in Pennsylvania, let a Lancaster job…

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    Workers’ Comp Exemptions in Pennsylvania

    In Pennsylvania, most employers are required to obtain workers’ comp insurance for their employees to ensure that injured workers receive compensation for medical expenses and wage loss. The good news for workers is that they are not required to show that their employer was responsible for their injuries through negligence. If they are hurt at work, they receive the benefits. The bad news is that these workers’ comp benefits are employees’ only revenue for compensation. So, they are not allowed to sue their employer for the injuries, even if the employer was at fault. If you have been injured on…

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    About Work-Related Illnesses

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “an ‘occupational disease’ is any disease contracted primarily as a result of…exposure to risk factors arising from work activity. ‘Work-related diseases’ have multiple causes, where factors in the work environment may play a role, together with other risk factors, in the development of such diseases.” Discussion of workers’ comp issues revolves around work-related injuries, but work-related illnesses can be just as dangerous and arguably more damaging in the long run. Furthermore, work-related illnesses can be harder to prove than a bodily injury claim. This is why it is a good idea to contact…

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    What Happens to My Workers’ Comp Claim if I Lose My Job?

    If you are a worker in Pennsylvania with a serious job-related injury or illness, you’ve likely considered this question: “What happens to my workers’ comp benefits if I lose my job?” The good news is, employers cannot retaliate against an employee for filing a workers’ comp claim. In other words, you cannot be fired for simply filing a workers’ comp claim. However, there may be other circumstances under which you may lose your workers’ comp benefits, and the rules are complicated. If you are receiving workers’ comp benefits and lose your job for any reason, contact a Lancaster job injury…

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