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Archive for October, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Workers’ Comp Claims

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’ll probably learn more about workers’ compensation, or “workers’ comp,” than you ever wanted to know. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand enough to protect your rights because if you can’t work due to a job-related injury, your income and medical bills are at stake.

If you have been injured on the job in Pennsylvania, your best bet is to let a Lancaster job accident lawyer help you understand your options, including your workers’ comp claim. 

The Do’s of Workers’ Comp Claims

  • Regarding the following steps, remember that you and your attorney are the only ones looking after your best interests. Your employer, the employer’s doctor, and any staff you may encounter are not primarily concerned with what is best for you. Instead, they are looking after their interests.
  • Your first concern after an accident at work is to remain still if you are hurt. Call for assistance, and insist on an ambulance and immediate medical care if you are in serious pain or the injury appears significant.
  • Identify any witnesses, and obtain written statements from them regarding what they saw if you are able. Even if you are seriously hurt and unable to get written witness statements, these statements can be taken later from the witnesses you immediately identified.
  • Alert your manager or supervisor as soon as possible, and resist the urge to “be tough” and “shake it off.” Each aspect of the injury and all the pain you feel should be reported. Your employer would rather know immediately exactly what your injuries are instead of hearing about them later in bits and pieces.
  •  Seek medical attention if you haven’t already done so. Be as thorough regarding your injuries and pain as you were with your employer.
  • Be sure that someone has filed an accident report, and make sure it is accurate and complete. Don’t hesitate to demand changes if necessary, and refer to your witnesses if necessary.
  • Gather any information you may need for your claim, including witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, photographs of the accident scene and your injuries if possible, as well as any other information that you think may be helpful for your claim.
  • Keep a thorough and organized record of all your medical receipts, doctor visits, hospital visits, prescription and medication expenses, treatment expenses, written statements, medical reports, and any written correspondence with your insurance company.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you should contact a Lancaster job accident lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC. The claims process is complex, there may be time limits on some claims aspects, and even simple mistakes can have serious consequences. Vanasse Law LLC can help you make sure you receive everything to which you are entitled.
  • Tell your attorney of any past injuries and any past medical problems that may impact your workers’ compensation claim. Include the dates and details of these injuries and/or medical issues, no matter how seemingly insignificant.
  • Be sure to do everything your lawyer tells you to do; don’t skimp, skip, or put off any instruction. The workers’ comp system is designed to place a significant burden on you and includes certain time limits.

The Don’ts of Workers’ Comp Claims

  • Don’t try to navigate the workers’ comp process on your own. Contact a Lancaster job accident lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC. You’ll need help getting through the complicated workers’ comp process.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. If you are injured at work, you are entitled to this. Any delays may work against you.
  • Don’t hesitate to file your workers’ comp claim. There are time limits associated with the workers’ comp process.
  • Don’t let anyone talk you out of reporting the incident. Your employer and even fellow employees may try to persuade you that your injuries are not as bad as they seem. Your employer may even offer you money “under the table” in exchange for not reporting the incident. Resist these advances and report them to your attorney.
  • Don’t talk to anyone about the incident or your claims. The only people you should speak with are your doctor, your spouse, and your attorney. Your fellow employees may be eager to hear all of the gory details, but it’s none of their business. Furthermore, be sure to consult with your lawyer before speaking with the doctor.
  • Don’t sign any type of release, including a medical release. In fact, don’t sign anything, including any checks, without consulting with your lawyer.
  • Don’t settle your case without consulting with your lawyer. Typically, a case may be settled when you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). Your insurance company may try to rush you through the process and convince you to sign off on a sub-par settlement so they can close your file. However, once you settle, your case is closed, and you will not be able to obtain any additional treatment, and you will not receive any more benefits.

Contact a Lancaster Job Accident Lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC to Assist You With Your Workers’ Comp Claim

The workers’ comp process is complicated and time-consuming. Further complicating your claim is the possibility that your employer and/or the insurance company may try to convince you to sign off on your claim and settle quickly for an amount that is less than ideal. They will likely sound reasonable, friendly, and convincing. 

However, remember that your employer and the insurance company do not have your best interests in mind. Their primary concern is to settle your claim for as little as possible. Don’t try to handle your workers’ comp claim on your own. 

A Lancaster work injury lawyer at Vanasse Law LLC will help you understand Pennsylvania law’s current state regarding workers’ comp, explore your options, protect your rights, and file any necessary claims on your behalf. Additionally, even if your injuries do not qualify for workers’ compensation, you may have other legal options.

If you have suffered injuries that you even suspect may be work-related, contact us online for a same-day response.